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WHY Zero & Friends™?
Kids are routinely introduced to larger number symbols before most can easily navigate between the number names, values and written symbols of 0-10. For many children, this can lead to the onset of math anxiety which in turn can lead to low math-esteem.

Kindergarten classrooms today are much different than what you may remember from personal experience. Perhaps you remember things like show and tell, story time, abc’s, 123‘s, play nice, and nap time.

Times have changed! So much more is expected from children in the Kindergarten and early elementary grade levels, even though as humans our developmental time table has not changed over the last 2o plus years. Grownups_2.html
Our Mission
Zero & Friends™ was created to empower children with the essential building blocks of positive math-esteem (and to prevent the early onset of math anxiety.)

Number Literacy = 1 + 2 + 3    
1 Identify by name, the abstract written symbols 0-10, in order, out of order and in isolation.
2 Recognize and name the number of items represented when presented with quantities of 0 - 10.
3 Manipulate whole numbers 0-10 (adding and subtracting).